Thursday, September 06, 2007

Noro Transitions

This yarn was really a pleasure to work with. Some knotting in the skeins connecting one fiber/color to the next, but on the whole, I really enjoyed working with it. Very soft and seems VERY warm. I made a hat with this, as well.

Classic Elite Duchess

LOVE this yarn. Gorgeously soft to the touch, a pleasure to work with, and something I suspect I will DEFINITELY spend the money on again. One skein of the 14 I used had several knots in it (knots connecting yarn, not knots from tangled yarn), which seriously pissed me off, but the rest were ok, so I'll overlook that for now!

Peace Fleece

On the whole, this was a very enjoyable pure wool. Lovely colors, good stitch definition. I'm not sure I'd use it again, but only because I prefer fiber blends, but nothing bad to say about it!

Mango Moon Recycled Silk

I've knit with several of the recycled sari silks, and this is the only one I didn't toss in the bin. I love this yarn. I know, it's recycled silk. It sheds, I had to pick loads of that wood-like prickly crap out of it, but it was worth it. It's gorgeous, it's soft, I get complimented on it, all the time. Love it. And I throw it in the wash a couple of times each season, and it just gets softer!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Karaoke by SWTC

My OSSP sent me this and I used it for the Danica Scarf. This is a soy/wool blend and it lovely to work with. Great drape, great colors.

Monday, July 31, 2006


Kurasawa is a 50/50 Merino wool and silk blend from, and it's a dream to knit with. I've used it to make Fetching from Knitty, and it's got a lovely sheen, does not split easily, and is soft as buttah. The color I used is black- here is a photo of cables done in it. Sorry for the poor photo quality, it was taken with a camera phone. But this yarn offers great stitch definition! $13 for a 131 yard skein, and worth every penny.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Noro Silk Garden

This is the only yarn by Noro that I've actually knit with, and I've knit several hats and scarves with it. One annoyance with this yarn, or maybe I'm just a heavy handed caster-on-er, is that when in the middle of casting on with a long tail cast on, the yarn I'm working with just pulls apart. Uggggh. Not a problem when actually knitting, but had this problem several times when casting on. But maybe it's me.

The colorways are lovely and varied, and the yarn gets softer when washed.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Alchemy Bamboo

The color of my photo is more true to life than the color on the WEBS site, but it's still a lovely colorway.
When I first felt the skein I thought it felt a bit rough, but knitting it up has been fantastic. It's very smooth and the finished product is soft with a fantastic drape and lovely sheen. But for $28 a skein, I don't know that it's that good! It's certainly a fun yarn to work with, but if you need more than one skein of it, I'd think of a substitute, unless money is no object for you!

The yarn doesn't split much, and had no knots or oddities in the skein.